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  • My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!

    Today in this day and age, it’s so easy to induce our body with chemical substances. Our food contains chemicals, the products we use daily contain chemicals and even our air is smoked with chemicals! It’s important for us to educate ourselves on natural products, especially when it comes in cont...

    by Sherna Tan 22 days ago
  • 4 Tips to What Keeps Make-Up Lasting Longer

    Let’s be real here,no matter how good the Malaysian weather is you will still find a way to cake up your makeup. It’s festival season and we’re all in dire need to make sure we’ve got it to stay all night long.

    by Taffy Egleton 23 days ago
  • 7 Reasons Why Face Mists Should be in Your Makeup Routine

    I’m pretty sure all you makeup junkies out there have heard about finishing off your makeup with some setting spray. If you haven’t, well, you’ve come to the right place because you can find out everything you need to know about face mists (or some may call it setting spray) here!

    by Safina Alam 24 days ago


  • We often rely on advice from friends, which may not be entirely helpful because let’s face it; one woman’s meat is another woman’s poison. We all have different skin types and our skin needs a tailored routine. Don’t you wish there was a TripAdvisor-like app for skin care products? This is where Favful comes in.
  • Shopping for beauty products should help you de-stress – but often it does the opposite. Favful essentially gets rid of the need for countless open tabs on your computer because you have all the beauty advice you need in one go.
  • For a long time I felt like I wasn’t making any progress in being in charge of my grooming choices. Because most of the time my decisions were just guesswork and gosh it’s like I was going in a circle and didn't know any other way. Now I know I can come to Favful to get the clarity I needed, some more can see from people who share the skin type and concerns as me. It's great to start feeling more certain about my shopping list! LiXiang Accountant
  • I can’t buy any of my beauty products unless it’s from Favful now. Even if I want to, I will first check if it’s recommended here lol. Hailey Art Student