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5 things you should NEVER do to your hair before bed!

Published 6 months ago

I’m pretty sure that MOST people are guilty of the same bad bedtime habits like bedtime procrastination while being on the phone for a long time which can affect our wellbeing negatively, meaning our skin and hair will be in bad condition! Aside from having our beauty sleep (which is a big factor), here are the other things that you should NEVER EVER do to your hair before bed!  


1. Sleeping with your hair down

  • Are you confused and shocked? If so, GURLl same. Sleeping with your hair down seems to be the logical way to keep your hair from harm but it’s the opposite! Loose hair can actually tangle up easily and removing those tangles can cause hair breakage. So, it’s actually recommended to have your hair tied in a loose bun on top of your head.
  • You can even put on a hair cap to prevent further hair breakage while retaining the moisture needed for your hair without frizzing it up.

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2. Tying your hair with rubber/metal hair ties

  • Speaking of tying your hair, prevent using metal or rubber hair ties when you sleep because it’ll cause severe hair breakage from the friction. Instead, we recommend using silk hair ties because it’s gentle on your hair as its material is smooth which reduces friction

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3. Dry Environment

  • We all know that a dry environment can affect our skin negatively and the same goes to your hair too. You can solve this easily by keeping a humidifier in your room! It increases the moisture level in your room while preventing your hair from drying out!

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4. Sleeping With Your Hair WET

  • RED FLAG, a big NO! There’s multiple reasons why you should NEVER do this. First of all, your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet, which breakage can easily be caused from sleeping. The worst case scenario is the risk of developing a fungal infection for the scalp (Oh hell no). Not to mention, laying your wet hair on pillowcases causes fungus to grow on your pillowcases too! These fungal infections can cause asthma, dandruff, dermatitis and other severe infections.


5. Sleeping with unwashed/old pillowcases

  • If you do this…..WHY?! Stop being nasty. We’ve mentioned that fungus can grow easily on wet pillowcases, so it’s no surprise that it’ll grow on unwashed/old pillowcases too. We actually recommend using silk pillowcases as they absorb less moisture and dirt which is a better choice for people who suffer from acne. Also, it’ll cause less friction for your hair too!

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