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Beauty Hack: How To Get Rid Of Those Stubborn Little Bumps On Your Skin

Published a year ago
What Are Those Bumps Called?

It‘s more commonly known as Milia, a build-up of keratin trapped under the skin. It’s quite a common occurrence in infants and teens and would normally subside by itself. As for adults, however, it‘d often require removal or extraction.


There are a few methods you could apply to remove those stubborn bumps and speed up the healing process. Keep reading!

1. Start A Regular Exfoliating Treatment

Use a cotton bud to rub some exfoliating product—very gently— against those pesky little spots. Any chemical exfoliators you have at hand would do. 

2. Use Retinol 

f you can't get a hold on retinoid cream (which is usually prescribed) you can opt for retinol cream or serum. Use it once per day if your skin is adapted to its strength, and don't skip on sunscreen.

3. Don't Pick Or Try To Forcibly Remove Them With Your Nails Or Fingers

It will only make it worse. Worst case scenario: it could cause scarring that would be much harder to remove. 

4. Opt For A Facial Peel

If you're not the patient kind, you could always book an appointment for a facial peel. Opt for treatments with salicylic acid or glycolic acid as they are powerful exfoliating agents.