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Don’t @ me, Maskne! Why wearing face mask cause acne?

Published 7 months ago

One of the most ANNOYING things that we have to deal with while wearing a face mask during this whole pandemic is Maskne. It's basically worsening of acne caused by wearing masks for long periods of time. It’s a struggle that all of us have to go through unfortunately to keep everyone safe from covid-19. 

But, what causes Maskne though? Well, wearing a mask helps to prevent moisture, saliva and breathing from being transmitted into the air, which also potentially prevents covid-19 from spreading. However, the mixture of our sweat and trapped moisture from our breathing will result in a humid environment that causes acne build up and irritation to the skin especially for oily to combination skin type.

Thankfully, we can prevent these stubborn acne from acting up with these simple steps if performed consistently.  

Wash your face, ya nasty!

It’s a common but IMPORTANT thing to do. Cleansing your face regularly will prevent acne from forming as it removes the dirt, excess oil and impurities on the skin. PLEASE cleanse your face at least twice per day. 

Avoid non-comedogenic products for your face at all cost!

Clogged pores equals acne, so using products that do not clog up the pores is your best bet to avoid acne build up. Here’s a list of ingredients that can clog your pores.

Find out which ingredients clog your pores here :

Let your skin breathe!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, removing your mask for at least 15 minutes is recommended for your skin to have a small break.

Try using Witch Hazel (Only if it’s severe!)

Applying witch hazel on the affected area on your skin can help to diminish acne from forming. However, we do recommend to only use it as spot treatment as it can be drying to the skin if used excessively.  

It’s actually not that hard to avoid Maskne. The hard part is to consistently keep up with the routine that helps to save our skin. So, consistency is the key!