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Flattering haircuts for different face shapes

Published 24 days ago

Your next trip to the hairdressers just got a whole lot easier! By accurately identifying your face shape, the hairstyle choices that look best on you are focused into categories for you to choose from. Say good-bye to power browsing through Pinterest all day, here’s your guide to a flattering new ‘do. 


First off, to figure out which face shop you belong to, you’ll want to examine three quick things: the widest part of your facial structure (whether it’s your forehead, cheeks or jaw), the shape of your jawline, and the length of your face (are you longer or shorter side?) 


Your forehead is the widest area of your face, and you’ve got a pointed chin

You’ve got a heart-shaped face! Side-swept bangs, blunt fringes that touch your eyebrows, pixie cuts, long forward-facing layered cuts are your most flattering styles to rock for your next makeover. Try to avoid parting your hair in the middle, as that’s only going to accentuate the depth of the forehead area. 

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The sides of your face are symmetrical and your jaw is sharp

Think: Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock, you’re in the company of some beautiful people! The square face is stunning when paired with soft, long sides that shape the face well without drawing too much attention to the sharp jawline. A simple way to soften the corners would be to layer them right by the jaw area with a thinning scissors. 

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Your cheeks are the widest part of your face and your jawline is less pronounced


If the edges of your face are soft and less pronounced, you most probably have a round face. The good news: most haircuts suit you perfectly! But if we had to pick one that’ll look versatile and effortless, go for a lob (long bob) with rough layers at the ends of your fringe because this is going to give a narrower effect to your face. 

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Your cheeks are naturally sculpted and the length of your face is bigger than the width

The side swept or wispy fringe is a great way to balance out the length of an oblong-shaped face, giving the facial features more balance and focus. As for the length, you’d look great with both a shorter ‘do or a longer mane - so that’s entirely up to your preference. If you’re keeping the length, be sure to opt for a bit more layers on the side to frame the face and add volume to the narrowness. 


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Author: Tania

Tania started her career as an Editorial Assistant at Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia before making her way up as a Beauty Editor at the publication. She is now a Senior Account Executive at a Singaporean-based beauty PR agency, Touch PR, servicing international clients like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare for the Malaysian market. Her passion lies indefinitely in the world of beauty, as well as cooking dishes from her grandmother's recipe book during her free time.