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Freezia's Beauty Routine Secrets For Her Blurred Instagrammable Look!

Published 4 months ago

If you are in-touch with the current trends or hype on social media, you DEFINITELY would know of the popular South Korean reality dating series called “Single’s Inferno”. Even if you don’t watch it, you MUST HAVE at least heard of this series because it’s everywhere on the internet right now! But, why are we mentioning “Single’s Inferno”? It’s because we will be discussing one of the contestant’s makeup tips & secrets for her “Instagrammable natural glam” look. That contestant is Freezia(송지아)! If you didn’t know, Freezia is a Korean fashion influencer, Youtuber and model long before appearing on “Single’s Inferno”.


Much like a lot of the makeup routine with Koreans, skincare is a MUST before applying makeup and that goes the same with Freezia! To achieve her iconic look, she always goes for a radiant foundation that gives enough coverage without leaving her complexion looking too covered or cakey while leaving the skin looking glowy. Another important factor is to use a beauty puff (the ones in cushion foundations) to tap and blend out the foundation on your skin as beauty puffs blend nicely on the skin without absorbing too much of the product. Freezia personally uses any concealers as she does not have any severe eyebags. So, she uses the same foundation to cover the little bits of discoloration around her under eyes.

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The next step after foundation is setting powder. She only applies powder around her eyebrows and eye area for it to set before applying eyeshadow or brow products. 

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The brows are next! The shade of brow products she goes for are the color of her hair (which can differ from time to time) and a shade bit lighter than her hair. The way her brows are filled in is feathery in the front and fuller at the back while the whole shape looks more straight instead of arched

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One of the most fun steps in makeup is next, eyeshadow! Freezia’s go-to eyeshadow is cool toned and the eye looks are natural, blurred out from the inner eyelids to the outer corner of the lids. Believe it or not, one of her ABSOLUTE favorite go-to shadow palettes is Romand’s Better Than Eye’s Quad Shadow in the shade “Dry Ragras (Or Dry Buckwheat Flower depending on the country)”. She uses the palette frequently as it has colors for a daily look. 

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As for eyeliner, Freezia goes for a cat-winged eyeliner look unlike the usual Korean liner look where it frames the eyes making look bigger yet natural. A cat-winged eyeliner on the other hand, looks longer and more striking for the eyes. 


For her eyelashes, she uses a lighter to heat the lash curler for a bit, so that it helps with curling the lashes more effectively. She also uses a mascara to volumize her lashes, BUT her secret to making her eyes look bigger is by using an eyeliner to draw on fake lashes around her lower lash line. 

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Continuing with blushers, she prefers warm-toned blushes which contrasts her love for cool-toned eyeshadows. She usually would apply her blush on around the middle of her cheeks and around the bridge of her nose for that flushed look. She does not do too much contouring or bronzing as she just lightly contours the sides of her jaw

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When we think of Freezia, one of her most iconic features is her juicy shiny lips! The simple tip is to just get a nude lip color that is closest to your lips as it makes your lips look fuller while blurred out, which gives you the favorable "Instagrammable" look. Not to mention, one of her favorite lip tints is also from Romand’s and it’s their Juicy Lasting Tint!

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