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Zendaya's beauty routine secrets that makes her look effortlessly glammed up!

Published 6 months ago

Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is out and one of the fan favorite actresses, the one and only Zendaya is part of it! She has had tons of makeup looks for different occasions, but she’s very well known for giving tips and rocking the “natural glam” look.

So, we’re here to summarize the different tips and tricks that she has given on different sources, all in this one article. Yeah, you’re welcome 😘✨

According to Zendaya herself, she goes right into using a cream concealer to cover up her blemishes & uneven skin tone right after finishing up her skincare routine. Then, she proceeds to set it with some translucent powder. Not forgetting about her eye bags, she also uses a different concealer for her under eyes that is in a lighter shade to have it look more defined. She then goes back to using the same translucent powder to set her under eyes. 


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BUT when she really wants to glam herself up, her go-to makeup artist “Sheika Daley” uses either the Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation or Lancôme’s Teint Idole foundation for perfecting the full coverage, Oscar worthy look! It is also well-known that the Hollywood Flawless Filter from Charlotte Tilbury is part of the routine which creates this luminous, lit-from- within look for her base makeup!


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Speaking of luminosity, Zendaya loves her sparkly shimmers and shine in her makeup. So, she personally goes for a shiny bronzer plus a highlighter. She’s mentioned that having a glow on your complexion makes your overall look standout without needing to put too much makeup on. 


She does not forget about her blush BUT, she prefers creams over powders because she likes her shine and dewy look. If she does not have a highlighter with her, she would use her shimmery eyeshadows as one which is honestly one of the most underrated tips ever! Zendaya, you go QUEEN!

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NOW we’re going into the categories that really highlight Zendaya’s facial features. First, her bold yet natural looking brows. The tips from her on getting her definition of perfect brows are outlining them first, then filling them from the front to the end of the brows while having the front looking feathery and the end looking fuller, like an ombre! 



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For her eyes, she normally just goes for a warm to neutral eyeshadow palette or just goes back using the bronzer eyes for enhancing the definition of her eyes. Then, she’ll finish off her eye look with a volumizing mascara for the full effect! SURPRISINGLY, she rarely uses eyeliner but hey, she looks stunning with or without it!.



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Finishing the whole makeup look, she needs to have a nude lipstick. She has mentioned it multiple times in interviews that she just can’t live without it because “when you have a good nude, you can mix in with anything.” She also goes for a lighter, pink-ish lip tint that gives the lips a natural color when she’s on-the-go. But on certain occasions, she flaunts her bold lip color like no one's business and it looks amazing on her.


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