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Is "For All Skin Types" actually true? Or is it just another marketing ploy?

Published 4 months ago

By now, everyone should know that moisturizing your skin is EXTREMELY important! It’s one of the golden rules in keeping your skin looking youthful, fresh and smooth. If you have found the perfect moisturizer for your skin, congratulations to you! However, for some of us who are not that fortunate, we are still looking for one that suits our skin the most! 

Some might be thinking, “Hey, aren’t there moisturisers that are made for all skin types?” Honestly, the “for all skin types” label is most likely a marketing tactic that probably catered to unproblematic and normal skin types.

HOLD ON! I’M NOT FINISHED! Let me remind you, it’s not entirely accurate BUT there are still some truth in it.

The Truth

Everyone should know that skin types differ from one person to another. For example, even if a group of people have the “same skin type” like oily, their skin might react differently to the same product they’re all using! This is where we share a personal experience from one of the employees from Favful!

Here's her story:



I’m sure that a lot of brands have tested their products on all skin types before placing them in the market. However, the “for all skin types” promise is still quite hard to deliver because there are just too many distinct skin types and conditions.


The Conclusion

You can definitely still try out skincare products labeled with “for all skin types”, but it’s best to not make your purchasing decisions based on these claims. What we advise you to do is to do more research on the products you’re interested in. Reading or watching reviews, go through the ingredient list and even watch videos of the products being used by people. 

Unless, you are blessed with unproblematic normal skin type, then the "for all skin types" products can be your go-to.


If we were to recommend moisturisers that would work more universally for everyone, then these are the ones we would suggest:

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