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Maskfishing eye-looks can entirely change how you look!

Published 6 months ago

One of the most important facial features that gives off first impression are our eyes. But now with the new norm of wearing face masks to protect ourselves from the pandemic, how our eyes look is even more important now! So, why are we talking about eyes and giving first impressions? It’s because of “Maskfishing”. 



If you don’t know, “Maskfishing” is when someone takes off their masks and appears less attractive compared to when they were wearing it. This trend originated from the app “Tik Tok” and the word was derived from “Catfishing”, which is when someone uses pictures of strangers to create a fictitious online persona to deceive someone into entering an online relationship.


In a way, how you create an eye-look will portray how people think of you for their first impressions of you. So, we will be explaining how certain eye-look give off different first impressions! 



The first one will be how you draw on your eyeliner. If you draw your liner in a more classic way that accentuates a rounder eye where the liner is shorter, your eyes will appear “kinder” compared to the trendy fox/cat liner look where the liner is much longer and slender. The fox liner look will make the eyes look more sharp which kinda gives off a mysterious look. Also, adding it to the waterline of your eyes can entirely change how the eyes look. Completely lining the waterline compared to just adding to the outer edge of your eyes gives off a very different vibe to a person.



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The next one is Mascara! Applying mascara helps to define the eyes further by lengthening and volumizing the lashes. Here’s something not everyone knows about, if you like your lashes to appear more natural, go for a non-waterproof mascara and vice versa. A waterproof mascara can actually hold your lashes up and make it look more dramatic compared to the non-waterproof ones due to its drying time and formulation. 



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Now, EYEBROWS! They are literally the frames for your eyes. Having your brows filled in more at the front can give you more of a bold brow look, but you’ll look more natural if the front of the brow is more feathery instead. This is one of the biggest factors that can change the vibe you give off to others with first impressions.


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Last but not least, EYESHADOW. Similar to how you would apply eyeliner, if your eyes are framed with a darker eyeshadow shade, they’ll look deeper whereas if there’s a lighter shade on top of your lid instead, your eyes will look a bit more lifted. 


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