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The perfect morning regime for your skin type

Published 8 months ago

We’ve all heard of the extensive evening beauty routines that’s going to transform your skin while the natural body system works its magic overnight, but here’s another revelation: our morning regime is just as important. What you choose to put on your skin and how you treat it at the start of the day works as your skin’s personal army against any external stressors and aggressors that may be harmful to its wellbeing. 

If you… wake up with really oily skin

This is for... anyone that wakes up from their beauty sleep and immediately feels an uncomfortable level of greasiness on their skin, especially around the nose area and forehead. 


Here’s what happens in your body.. When your skin detects a lack of moisture on the surface, the sebaceous gland (oil producers in your dermis layer) reacts by overproducing sebum as ‘replenishment’ to avoid your body from potentially getting dehydrated. 


Here’s what you can do… In the morning, opt to go cleanser-free and, instead, thoroughly cleanse your skin with just water to avoid dehydrating it even more. While the skin is damp from cleansing, you can spritz a couple pumps of hydrating face mist while you properly set yourself down for the rest of your skincare routine. Apply your serums (yes, you can even apply it on damp skin - it’s completely fine!) as usual, add a moisturizer (gel-based if you’re oilier, cream-based if you have dry skin), and never skip your SPFs. 


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If you… wake up with dry, tight skin

This is for... anyone who wakes up in the morning and finds it hard to even do facial stretches. You’re most likely someone whose skin is going through a bit of a hiccup with your natural skin barrier. 


Here’s what happens in your body... There’s a myriad of reasons your skin barrier can be compromised, including over-washing and exfoliating, too much unprotected sun exposure and genetic factors like psoriasis. The role of the skin barrier is extremely important, as it acts as a layer of buffer between the outside world and your internal organs - a pretty big deal, huh?


Here’s what you can do… The key to repairing a damaged skin barrier is by keeping your skincare routine as simple and straightforward as possible. Cleansing is highly optional in the morning and most dermatologists would recommend to reserve a hydrating cleanser for the evening instead, so instead, you’re going to want to pick up your serum that should contain either Niacinamide or Ceramides to assist in building a healthier barrier. Then, add one to two drops of oil (take your pick of either rosehip, neem or grapeseed oil for non-comedogenic options) to your daily moisturizer for an extra kick of moisture before putting on a generous layer of sunscreen for protection. 


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If you… wake up with normal skin

This is for… all you lucky people! ‘Normal skin’ in this context means that you don’t identify with either one of the aforementioned conditions when you awake from your sleep every morning and look just as you do regularly. Don’t mind our jealousy, you’re doing great - really!


Here’s what you can do… Keep it up! You can continue your usual lineup of products as usual. An option to prioritize a gentle cleanser is always favoured and vouched for by skin experts, and you can always start slow by alternating the days you cleanse in the morning to help protect your skin barrier from potentially causing it damage in the long run. 


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At the end of the day, our skin is essentially an organ that changes with the rest of our body, so remember to always: take deep breaths, re-evaluate and adapt. Simple secret to happy skin!


Author: Tania Zainudin 

Instagram: @taniazainudin_

A passionate beauty writer who has written for Harper's Bazaar. She loves to travel around the world in search of the best beauty products that country has to offer.