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Why Menstrual Pads Tend To Cause Rashes, And 3 Effective Ways To Prevent Them

Published 19 days ago

Despite the abundance of alternative inventions for menstruation pads such as menstrual cups, tampons, menstrual discs, and more, some women still prefer the good ol' sanitary pads for comfort. However, they do come with a few downsides. (Psst: want a giveaway? Make sure to read till the end!)

Women who often wear menstrual pads would know the hassle of dealing with the rashes and itchiness that come with wearing one during their period. The cause of these inconveniences could be:

• Trapped Heat And Moisture

While sanitary pads are specifically designed to prevent period blood from leaking out, it inevitably traps heat and moisture as well. As a result, this could trigger irritants in the private region. 

• Prolonged Use Of Pads

It goes without saying that sanitary pads should be replaced every 3 to 4 hours or even less if you're experiencing heavy flow. Wearing sanitary pads for too long could trigger bacterial growth and unpleasant odour on top of the irritation. 

So, how to prevent rashes? Here's what you can try:

• Use Thinner Pads

Thinner pads do not trap so much moisture, and try picking the ones that are specifically designed for sensitive skin. it'll less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

• Start The Hunt For Period Panties

Period panties work just as similar and way less messy. 

• Switch To Organic Pads!

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