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The Favful Promise

Favful Promise products are 100% authentic and have been tested by real people, to make sure that you will be heartbreak-free

Step 1 - Voice out

Anyone can submit recommendations for products on our website. Just look for the "Voice Out" button!

Step 2 - Internal testing

Our team will pick and test products based on these points; Design, Scent, Feel, Performance and if it's Worth It. Each point earning a heart.

Design is the packaging attractive and/or practical?

Scent does it smell good, and/or pleasant?

Feel does it feel good on your skin?

It Works does it do what you expect it to do?

Worth It do you think it's worth the price you paid?

Step 3 - Product listed

These products with 3 hearts and above from our team, will be listed on Favful for your stress-free experience!