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Stress-free and certain through curated recommendations

Here's a promise from Favful

Finding the right products or solutions for your personal grooming needs can be tricky. The Favful platform curates recommendations from our community members based on your skin type, skin concerns, and lifestyle choices, so your personal grooming journey can be stress-free and certain.

Here's how it works

Every product sold on Favful are 100% authentic and tested by real people.

Voice out

Anyone can submit a product recommendation on our website.

Internal Testing

A team of real people test the product based on these points; Design, Scent, Feel, Performance and if it's Worth It. Each point earning a heart.

Curated & listed

If the product scores 3 hearts and above, it will be listed on Favful for your stress-free experience!

Founder's story

Growing up, nobody taught me about personal grooming. It wasn’t a dinner table topic nor a topic at school. When I was in my puberty, this affected my self-confidence. Let’s be honest, having no understanding nor control over the unwanted development in my body was pretty scary (hello acne & hair & more). I felt like I was isolated in my grooming problems, confused, lost, and most of the time, I "fixed" these problems with solutions that introduced more problems. I still remember that wonderful day when I was staying over at a new friend's house (who became my best friend). She showed me products that she had absolute confidence in and helped me understand my personal grooming needs. She equipped me with knowledge to make the right decisions on grooming products. I felt supported, relieved and enlightened. I understood that I could break the isolation in my own grooming problems. That in turns inspired me to build a platform to help others like me find the right grooming advice from real people with altruistic and unbiased intentions. I wanted to enable that amazing feeling for more confused individuals like me!

Favful must tip the scale of power back to the people.

In this journey as both a founder and a consumer, I’ve learnt that mutual support is important: we need everybody’s voices, for we are louder when united, and from this unison we can change the world of personal grooming together!

Sasha Tan

CEO & founder of Favful

Meet the team!

We are a pile of sweet-minded silliness! If you are as enthusiastic about personal grooming as we are, join us! Send your CV to [email protected] now!