Every product sold in Favful are 100% authentic, and goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure that every listed product are well tested by real people.

Step 1 - Suggestion Phase

Anyone can submit recommendations across our website. Just look out for the “Voice out” buttons!

Step 2 - People Testing

Our team picks up 5 brands a month to conduct a sampling test. Every product is tested by a team of minimum 5 real people (consisting of community members and internal team members) against these points:

  • Design - Does the packaging looks nice, and/or practical?
  • Smell - Do you think the smell is pleasant?
  • Feel - Do you like how it feels on your skin?
  • Efficacy - Does it do what you expect it to do?
  • Worth it - Do you think it's worth the price you paid?

Exception: Limited Edition items will not be tested as they are usually launched with limited stock and are sold out in seconds

Step 3 - Product Listed

Only the products that received 3 stars and above can pass through, and will be listed on Favful.com for your stress-free experience!