7 Reasons Why Face Mists Should be in Your Makeup Routine

By Sheralyn Tan

And finally to finish off with some setting spray...“ *spritz spritz spritz*

Sounds familiar? I’m pretty sure all you makeup junkies out there have heard that phrase a thousand times after watching countless makeup tutorials on YouTube. If you haven’t, well, you’ve come to the right place because you can find out everything you need to know about face mists (or some may call it setting spray) here!

To describe it briefly, face mists are basically a special spray for your face that can either be used before or after applying your makeup. They contain mostly water and other ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils that leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

However, there are so many face mists out there that serve a different purpose from the next one, and it’s hard to keep track of what they can actually do for your skin. So, should you use face mist products? Read on and we’ll let YOU decide!

1. It refreshes and hydrates your skin

7 Reasons Why Face Mists Should be in Your Makeup Routine

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Sometimes in the middle of the day, your skin might feel dull and in need of a quick boost. Face mists are perfect for that! Just a few pumps can go a long way. What’s more is that it keeps your skin hydrated, especially for those of you who work in air-conditioned environments. And for makeup users, face mists won’t mess with your makeup like traditional moisturizers would.

However, don’t spritz too often because it can actually be drying for your skin, ironically.

Check outJurlique Rose Water Balancing Mistfor a quick pick-me-up

2. It seals in moisture on your skin

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Keeping your skin moisturized is hands down the best thing you can do for your face.Well, it’s time to up your moisturizing game with face mists as they promote the absorption of moisture on your skin, thus giving your moisturizer that extra boost while sealing it in. You can even use it in layers so that each step of your makeup application process stays put and doesn’t budge for the whole day! Isn’t that amazing or what?

Check out The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mistfor vitamin E goodness

3. It controls oil production on your skin

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A common mistake that people with naturally oily skin make is staying away from moisturizers or anything with moisturizing effects for fear that they would add to their skin’s oil production. They would most often opt for the usual blotting paper that they press on their face several times a day. However, there are certain face mists that are invented to control the oil production on your skin. They actually absorb excess oil while providing your skin with hydration. Time to help the environment and get rid of all those blotting papers, maybe?

Check out this oil-free face mist called Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

4.It preps your skin for makeup

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Face mists are a great way to get you started on flawless looking skin. Using it before applying your makeup gives you a smooth and hydrated base that would help in the application of your foundation or concealer. Plus, it is a great alternative to primersas there are some face mists out there that are designed specifically for priming your skin.

Check outMAC Mineralize Charges Skin Hydrating Mist to create a smooth surface for your makeup. Review yours too if you've tried!

5.It helps to set your makeup in place

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No one likes smudged eyeliners or creased foundations. Well, face mists help to eliminate all of that. Finishing off your makeup routine with a face mist will help set everything in place, and you wouldn’t have to worry about checking if your makeup still looks good in the middle of the day. Look at it as a protective layer over the makeup you’ve worked so hard on.

Lock your makeup in with MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist

6. It helps to blend your makeup

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If ever you struggle with trying to get your makeup to NOT look like you’ve applied layers and layers of products, face mists will actually help you blend them all together! It eliminates that powdery and cakey look on your skin, making your makeup look as natural as possible.

Check out Loccitane Immortelle Precious Mist

7. Lastly, it helps revive your makeup

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There will be times throughout the day when you feel like your makeup needs some retouching or reapplication. Instead of removing your foundation or concealer and starting again, a few spritz of face mist will actually help you reapply and re-blend your makeup.

Check out Givenchy Mist Me Gently

Now that you’ve seen all the wonderful things face mists can do for you, it’s time to find one that perfectly suits all your skin-needs! There are countless face mists out there that each have a specific purpose and they’re waiting for you to get your hands on them!

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