E Nature Birch Juice Hydro Emulsion

Maintaining skin's hydration balance can be the difference between soft, glowing complexion and acne, dryness, and other issues. This lightweight moisturizer pairs 70% Birch tree sap with ingredients like chamomile and plantain seed extracts to moisture, soothe, soften, and revitalize your skin.

E Nature products do not contain any animal ingredients and are free of parabens, mineral oil and artificial fragrances. Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.

Community Voice

Here's what our community members think about E Nature Birch Juice Hydro Emulsion!


So far i like this product. it leaves my face really soft and nicely moisturized. i have combo sensitive skin and my skin didn't react badly to it. i have a few tiny pimples that this may have caused but nothing majorly noticeable. i'd definitely recommend this product.


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