Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Overnight Mask 50ml

Enriched with Collagen-Hyal, Intensive Hydrating Overnight Masque hydrates and conditions the skin by replenishing moisture reserves and fortifying skin natural barrier. Its unique ingredients, Aminoguanidine and Japanese Knotweed Extract, gently re-awaken the vitality of the skin and prevent glycation-induced skin aging for a healthy, glowing complexion. Directions : Apply a thick layer on the entire face. Post cleaning is not needed and you may leave it on overnight. Use 2-3 times a week for better result.

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I bought this from my local cellnique store as I heard from my friend that it's products works really wellI bought this for almost rm 130, it comes in a plastic jar container, which you have to prepare your own spatula to scoop it out as it will be unhygenic to dip your fingers insideUpon opening this jar of gold, it smelled like flowers, but not to worry, the scent was mild and not overwhelming, just what I likeThe texture of this mask is a little creamy but it sure is smooth and very very lightweight!It absorbed into my face really fast and would not leave any stains on your pillowcase as how kiehls ultra overnight masque would beI woke up to luminous soft, hydrated skin everytime I apply this overnight! recommended!


My skin is fairly dry and I've tried several sleeping masks. I was using this earlier but didn't like it at all. It made me feel 'stuffy' when applied on my face. Like my skin couldn't breathe. I heard it's actually not bad. Some people recommend it and say it's quite good. But I personally do not like it. I find it a little sticky. Now I'm currently using Laneige's water bank sleeping mask instead.

I had use this product for a few times. Gotten mine from the counter itself. It didn't come with the the spatula so i didn't like that part of the packaging. The texture was lightweight which makes it easier to absorb into the skin. This mask had very moisturising effect. My skin was very hydrated the next morning. It has a very light scent which I didn't really like. I would use finish the whole tub but would not repurchase this. Overall, it's a soso product and I'd not recommend this much.


Bought it from flagship store in Singapore and this product was highly rave. Price wasn't cheap, but it was highly rave online. Thus I was curious and decided to try.

It is lightweight and I love the floral scent of the product. Even though the product is creamy in texture but it does not cause pressure to my skin, and in fact make my skin felt smooth after application.

I can feel my skin brightens up the next morning when I woke up. It is a great product, but the price will make people hesitant about buying.


I bought this from cellnique store as my friend recommend it to me. It is a bit pricey. It comes in a plastic jar container. It has a good scent and the scent is mild and not overwhelming. The texture of this mask is creamy and smooth. It has a lightweight. When apply, it can be absorbed into my skin within seconds. I feel that it can hydrate my skin. I will buy it again and will recommend it to others.


Try this products from my friend that she give me a small tube. The prices is too pricey for me . Using this as sleeping mask , it absorption is super fast , you no need to massage so many times until it absorb . Texture is creamy and soft , no stickiness with a light scent . The next morning , it is easy to wash away as some sleeping mask was so sticky when washing them away. Feel my face soft and smooth . Moisturizing effect is great and stay longer . No sensitive problems . This sleeping mask would not cause any clogged pores problems .Recommend this to all skin type .


I am a type of oily face and this product are really really useful .It smells good.I always use it before I sleep,and it absorbs really fast into the skin so it didn't let me feel like "sticky".It is good in hydrating so after using it ,my face didn't appear very oily(but still has a bit oily)in the morning.One thing I don't like is that it is pricey for me . It is just so-so compare to other affordable mask.I would recommend this mask for my friends if they need sleeping mask .


I must say that although this is a clay mask, it did not leave my skin feeling very dry after washing off, though you should follow up with a hydrating moisturizer.

The Advanced Bio Renewal Mask is targeted at clearing dull skin and open and enlarged pores. I can see how this mask can help. Just after 1 use, my skin felt better already. However, I won’t recommend using this more than 1 time a week and not if you are allergic to fruit extracts as I know some people are.


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