My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

By Alvynna Joanna

Chorus Supernatural, a luxurious line of natural skin-care, hair-care, body-care and wellness products, all the way from beautiful British Columbia,Canada. All Chorus products contain only 100% natural-source ingredients. Not 95% or 99%, 100%! None of their products contain any artificial fragrance, sulfates, parabens, synthetic or petroleum-derived ingredients! In other words, completely safe to use without thinking of long term side effects.

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

Infused with high-grade plant oils blended with the Chorus Super Four (Chorus Moor, Chorus Plankton, Chorus Seaweed & Chorus Clay), Chorus Supernatural has formulated a world-class, natural skin care line, for us to achieve beautiful and youthful skin at a very affordable price. Chorus is also CertClean certified, which means that the products are formulated withoutingredients that may harm human health. Yay to the environment!

Alright, enough with all the scientific facts. Let’s get down to business & test their natural skin care range.In this entry, I’ll cover their 4 star products comprising of Cleanse, Tone, Mask and Hydrate – great for all skin types including sensitive skin! As a person who’s super into minimalistic things, I adore how simple and minimal the packaging is bringing the complete clean and natural look on.

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

Chorus Supernatural Skincare Range


A hypoallergenic cleanser, blended with natural ingredients liketea tree oil that’s anti-bacterial & anti-septic to prevent bacterial growth which causes acne;Lavender oil to calm and soothe the skin; andLemongrass oil to purify and cleanse, leaving your skin smooth like a baby’s bum😝

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

I found it super non-drying and refreshing after just one wash! I think it’s perfect for all skin types and because it is 100% natural, it is also especially gentle to people with sensitive skin! The texture of this particular product is more towards watery or gel like, so it is really gentle on the skin. I also like how my face smells really fresh and citrusy after using the product!


This toner, my holy grail and my life savior! I have extremely dull sad skin, but this particular baby helps combat the dullness! This toner combines moor water with pure lavender water and pure essential oils that aids in calming and restoring natural skin balance. The yeast extract used in the formulation also gives the skin its silky and smooth texture!

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

If you are familiar with the Korean 7 Step-method to glowing skin, this is absolutely perfect to work with. Yes, I spray and pat this baby all over my face for 7 times. Hydrating and refreshing! There you go, my secret is out 🤭


My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

Of course, never forget to include masks in your routine! Chorus Supernatural’s signature luxury spa-grade MASK is 100% natural and organic. It consists of Moor Peat which deeply nourish and replenish, making our skin look and feel soft, firm and radiant! The mask works wonders in repairing the skin, drawing out impurities, while boosting blood circulation, therefore promoting youthful skin.

What I loveee most about this mask is that it also minimizes the appearance of large pores. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with the issue of visibly large pores, right? My skin does feel noticeably softer and smoother after just 1 application. But do be cautious when applying mask because it might get a lil’ messy. 🤩🤩 If you’re into natural skin care, you’ll know how natural mud really benefits the skin, which goes the same for this mask! The texture really feels like applying mud on the face - and I felt as if I was going back to nature!

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

Before application, just mix the product in a ratio of 2:1 with water to get a smooth paste. Apply directly onto face and neck and leave on for 3 minutes for the first application. On our next applications, we can build up to a maximum of 10 minutes with each separate application. Rinse the mask off with water, and tadah, you’re one step closer to your dream skin! It’s recommended to use this once or twice weekly to get clear, glowing skin!


Last but not least, moisturize moisturize & moisturize! Especially for me, who has occasionally dehydrated skin, my skin needs more attention when it comes to hydrating it and HYDRATE comes in handy. This baby is formulated with olive oil – which is rich in healthy fats that deeply moisturizes skin, and boosts collagen production to promote youthful skin. It also contains Sweet potato extract that’s rich in vitamin A; Shea butter that aids in cellular renewal; Thyme, Rosemary and Golden-seal that’s beneficial to especially normal/sensitive skin.

Hydrate has a creamy texture, but we will not feel oily after applying the product because it is easily absorbed into the skin. Therefore, a little goes a long way, and a bottle can last for a few months! Totally perfect for someone who likes to save up like myself 😝

My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

There you go, my 4 main steps to naturally glowy and radiant skin secretis out. I really like how this product range is naturally sourced as I am really particular on what I put and apply on my body, so it is perfectly safe for me to use. It definitely shows changes in my skin, as my skin immediately felt fresher, brighter and smoother!

So, what do you think of my results, would you like to try it yourself too?

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My Super Four ingredients to achieve Supernatural skin!  

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