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Candle Tray

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Brand: Favful
Tags: Body & WellnessFavfulLiving SpaceWellness

Wooden candle tray handmade using beech wood-ware.


Oval plate 18 * 10cm

Rectangular plate 20 * 13cm

Recommendations for care:

1. Unvarnished woodware cannot be guaranteed not to be deformed, and it is often oiled and maintained for fear of water and heat.

2. It cannot be boiled in water or sterilized in high temperature

3. Do not use dishwashers or high-temperature sterilization cabinets.

4. Do not expose to the sun. Improper maintenance may cause deformation and cracking! 

Coming soon!

1. After first few uses, wash the tray with water. DO NOT soak the bowls or keep in water for too long.

2. After washing, be sure to dry it with a dry cloth immediately and let it dry thoroughly.

3. Coat the tray with edible oil and quickly rub against it to make sure the oil is fully absorbed. 

4. Leave it about 30 minutes, then blot off the excess oil using paper towels. 

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Candle Tray - Rectangle
RM 38.00