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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 250ml

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Combination skin

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This was very worth the price for the effectiveness of the product. The design is good because it comes in a fairly large bottle which makes your purchase worth it. The texture was also really great and it wasn't too harsh on my skin. It worked really well for me do i would really recommend it.

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Here's what our community members think about Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 250ml!

Cherry Lew


This toner really lives up to its promised benefits!! After using, my face feels less oily during the day, which is a sign of better skin pH balance and sebum control. My occasional breakouts are quickly subdued, probably because my pores are getting cleaned very religiously! As a result, I’ve seen certain areas of my face having smoother texture, especially around the bridge of my nose and along my jawline. Blackheads and whiteheads are removed more easily as well. My pores are still quite visible but I’m hoping that prolonged use of the toner will continue to bring further improvement. I really like this product!

Cherry Lew


This is a very good toner!! I really like the refreshing feeling on my face, and since my forehead, and nose are the most oily parts of my face, this usually helps with controlling that. This product also is considerably cheap to other toners out there!! So if you want something that works, but won’t break your bank and can last you for around 6 months, go for it! !! I would recommend this toner to everybody.

Farah Pinklady


Been using this product since 4 years ago and still using it as my daily toner. The packaging is so handy 👍

Mei Ying

well, actually i bought the 500 ml one and i think it will be slightly cheaper than a 250ml one. i bought it for RM59.90 for a 500ml one. The product come with a really big pack which can last for almost half year even if u use it everyday. A box of cotton pack also come along with the package. and the pump is really hygiene too, which prevent the solution inside has contact with the air and also pump out sufficient amount for a single use. just u will tend to pump out too many amount during the first few application. The toner has a smell like a medicine or a pharmacy smell, but i can still bear with the smell as it is not a really bad smell. and about the pore minimise effect, i will say no as i already finished about more than 3/4 dy but i cant see any differences in my pores.

Liz Jean Jay Verne


The 500ml version comes with a pump dispenser so it's very convenient to use, just push ur cotton pad down on it a few times and it'll be soaked. This product has some alcohol in it, so if you're very sensitive, do a patch test first. Otherwise, this is a fairly good toner to reduce sebum and minimize pores. Would definitely recommend this product to oily/combination skin types.

Ooi Cindy


The packaging is extremely cute, smells refreshing and once you apply it on your face, it is cooling and a little minty feeling! The Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner does help to control and remove excess oil, after using the cotton pad and dab/wipe my face I could see the dirt and oil trapped inside the cotton pad! After long term usage, I could see my face getting more 'cleaner' like the more fresher look! You can get it for under $30-20 in the retailing stores or even cheaper through their webpage


I’ve been using this for awhile now after cleansing, but I don’t see any significant difference. Maybe not yet. I have combination of dry and oily skin, visible pores around the cheek area, am hoping this would make a difference. But so far.. not the result I am looking for. Value for money though, the bottle is pretty big.

Rea Madelyn Fuentes Lopez


Very refreshing and mild to your skin. I have a very sensitive skin and got easily have breakouts but so far It looks good on me. After you have use it you will feel your skin well moisturise and fresh without impurities .. I also have a very visible pores but now you can see it is really minimise .It is good especially for those with oily or combination skin it will help lessen the oil buildup and deep cleanse the pores. It is good to use it in the morning and at night before bedtime so it will remove those dirt and bacteria You’ve gathered the entire day. With regular use it will help you achieve the korean skin you’ve been dreaming of..



I have been using this product to tone my face after cleansing. It does not have any scent to me LOL. One thing to note when you buy this Wonder Pore is that it contains alcohol (quite high) in it.

I find this toner harmless. It hasn't irritated, dried out or made my skin break out, but that's it really. I find it to be very refreshing and it does not sting my skin like other normal toners would do.

But yeah, I have noted there are NO SIGNIFICANT difference in my skin after two-thirds of the toner has been used.

I guess I'm not going to repurchase then after I'm done with it :)

Nevertheless, this toner is going to last a really long time because it is quite affordable with large amount :D Guess my skin does not really love em!

Yee Ling


As its name suggests, it really does wonders to my face! I feel fresh and nice everytime I use this! It's pretty good price for how much product you get! My friend bought this from althea korea and she gave it to me because her skin didn't react very well. My face isn't too sensitive so having alcohol as one of its ingredient doesn't really bother me. It didn't feel any tingling on my face and did not irritate my skin. It dries out my face so what I do use I apply moisturizer afterwards. I've had this for half a year now and I am still halfway the bottle. I love how sturdy its container is, and it has a push pump opening which is very interesting. After using my face cleanser, I use this toner and I get residues which my cleanser probably missed. Job well done for this, Etude house! I will buy this as soon as I finish my curren bottle. :)

Sandra Wei


Value for money product. It’s a 10 in 1 product. Used this product for about 1 year and used it daily as face toner. Seeing some effect on the pores and really help in minimizing the pores and hence will continue to use this product. It’s helps in balance skin’s ideal PH level,refine skin texture, keep the elasticity of pores, clear pores with cooling effect, deep clear pores, remove skin surface’s dead skin cells, control a large amount of sebum, minimize appearance of pores, moisturize inside and outside of skin and complete smooth glass-like texture. Will buy again once finished.

Intan Nur Maisarah Alias


Good day! I bought Etude House Wonder Pore Toner online at discount price. I used it for 2 months now and still not finish yet! Guess what this is my first time using toner!


👉 I used it everyday in my skincare routine.

👉 The most impressive about this product is it really do her job to reduce size of my pores and of course I always have glassy skin with this toner. However, the smell is a bit annoying due to it have alcohol ingredients.

👉Absolutely I will recommended to my babes with same type of combination skin ..but maybe not recommended to those who have sensitive skin.Alcohol might irritate the sensitive skin ❤❤

Thong Jen Mee


Extremely value for money if you consider how little is used every single time.

Upon application, you'll feel a slight cooling sensation to the skin (which I absolutely love) BUT you might get a lil turned off by the scent that's quite...chemical. An hour after application, I'm surprised my skin felt damp and not oily at all (I have a combination skin that leaves shine on around the T-zone unfortunately).

BUT, some days I'll wake up in the morning to a somewhat oily complexion so Im guessing its works on-off. As for pore size, no noticable difference. :/



This product is one of those that I used religiously everyday cause I wanted the pore minimizing effect, but it didn't do anything for me at all :( I was really disappointed cause I used a lot of this product (came in a huge bottle) and still didn't see an effect. I even used it along with the products in its range still didn't work !! But still it's hygienic cause of the dispenser, just pump it and then you get product on the cotton pad. That's the only upside I guess, other than that it doesn't work



I got a sample from hermo and to be honest i have love hate relationship with this toner. I love that it does reduce my pores but at the same tume it leaves my skin feeling so tight and sometime dry. So maybe i thought this do not suit my skin and i was kinda sad because it does make my pore small



I have normal skin type to slightly oily during humid and hot days. This toner works well on my skin. After face cleansing, I apply this toner with cotton puff from Daiso to do a double cleansing for my pores. I can see some dirts came off to the cotton puff and I am really impressed with the cleansing of this toner. It does contain alcohol for an effective cleansing and minimising pores, so I will only recommend this to people who has not drying skin and no allergy to alcohol. The pump head design of this toner is truly amazing. It dispenses product with just pressing the pump head. So convenient and hygienic. After using this for months, my pores on cheek are getting smaller and less oily around the whole face.



Bought this during an etude house sale and was pretty impressed by the size of it in comparison to the amount which i paid. However, i find it to cause a mildly tingling feeling on my face which i do not enjoy. I would expect a toner to have soothing properties but this seems to give a harsher feeling. Nevertheless i have to praise its packaging. i love the dispenser as it does promote hygiene.



started to use it few weeks back. every morning and evening with a cotton pad after cleansing. so far, it didnt shrink my pores yet. but it is really refreshing. and it does actually reduce the oil on the face plus it cleanses your skin pretty well. i think it suits people with oily face. would not recommend if your are looking for a good pore minimizer toner.

Wana Shazwana


personally this toner is for those with extremely oily skin. logically, pores become very prominent when you initially have very dry skin. your skin is quite clever actually. they'll try to compensate the dryness by excreting huge amount of oil through your pores. as a result, your pores will become so prominent !

i love the bottle. its blue in color. i can't remember the price but it was quite expensive actually. the toner smells nice, and it doesn't irritate my skin. i have MILD combination skin, meaning my T-zone is oily. i tried using this toner, after 2 weeks, my pores become more prominent omg ! i went back to the store where i got it to get some consultation and according to her, this toner is quite drying and it strips off what little oil film that i have on my skin, making it super dry. when it's dry, pores become bigger !! omg !! so scary. piece of advice, check your skin type carefully before purchasing. it doesn't work on me but it might work on you. good luck :)

Sarah Hadi


My order from seoulglamour arrived a week earlier than expected and I'm ecstatic because Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is one of the best toner/ pore minimizing product I have ever used. I have combination skin and I find that this product truly balances out my skin's pH and, with continued use, has decreased the size of my pores. This product has dramatically simplified my nightly skin care routine and I will definitely be buying it again!