Favful UV LED Multifunction Sterilizer

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Brand: Favful
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This UV LED Multifunction Sterilizer helps to destroy any bacteria with it's deep ultraviolet radiation and wavelengths of 240-280nm. Just charge it for 2 hours and it can be used to sterilize for 30 times. It has a multi-layer superposition mode that enables to change the height of it according to your product of choice. Can be used to sterilize makeup tools and brushes, accessories, phone, glasses and etc. 

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Size: 10 x 10 x 20 cm
  • Battery: Polymer lithium battery 800mA
  • Rated voltage/power: 5V
  • Recharging voltage: 5V
  • Material process: ABS
  • UV wavelength range: 240-280nm
  • Colour: White 

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Please charge the product when you get it. The red light flashes when the battery power is low power. Red indicator light will shows when charging and green when fully-charged. 

  • Put in the items that needs to be sterilized. Place the cover and press the button to start sterilization process. 
  • Disinfect time takes about 3 minutes and do not open the top cover during the sterilization process. Press the button again if need to stop. 

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Favful UV LED Multifunction Sterilizer - White
RM 130.00 RM 350.00