Heat & Cryotherapy Beauty Device

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Brand: Favful
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The Heat & Cryotherapy Beauty Device is used as a facial treatment and massage tool, with both sides of the hammerhead reaching different temperatures (one hot, one cold) simultaneously. The hot side of the device relaxes and opens pores while stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. The cold side soothes tired and overheated skin and closes pores while locking moisture into the skin.

  • Material: ABS
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Plug Type: US Plug
  • Color: White
  • Size: Approx. 19.5 (H) * 6 (W) * 8.5(L)cm 
  • Package Weight: Approx. 928g


  • Heat & Cryotherapy Beauty Device
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual

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Warming Massage:

Use a constant temperature of 40 degrees to relax pores, promote blood circulation, increase nutrient absorption, increase metabolism, eliminate toxins, eliminate eye bags and dark circles, and remove wrinkles.

Cooling Massage:

Use 5 constant temperatures to shrink pores, lock skin moisture, strengthen collagen fibers, improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, crow's feet, reduce metabolism, eliminate skin swelling and pain. Dedicated to the treatment of sensitive skin.

  • Do not touch the heat/cold detector to avoid burning.
  • Do not use it while the machine is being charged.
  • Do not wash with water.
  • If you have a problem with the skin in use, please stop using it immediately.

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Heat & Cryotherapy Beauty Device
RM 190.00