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Lash Lifting Kit

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Brand: Favful
Tags: Eye MakeupMakeupMascara & Eyelash EnhancersFavfulTools & Brushes

Get a lash lift from the comfort of your own home with this kit.

  • Silicone perming rod: 5 pairs(S,M,M1,M2,L)
  • 2 Heads Y-shape Perming Brushes: 3 pieces
  • Cleanser agent:1 bottle
  • Perming agent: 1 bottle
  • Fixing agent: 1 bottle
  • Perming glue: 1 bottle
  • Nourishing agent: 1 bottle

Coming soon!

1. Clean the eyes with a cleanser provided.

2. After the cleaning is completed, stick the eye patch on the lower eyelid to protect skin from perming lotion.

3. Put the lift-pad on your eyelashes and apply the glue on the eyelash to stick it to the pad.  

4. Apply #1 perm lotion to the eyelashes, cover with plastic wrap, wait 8-12 minutes.

5. Remove the perm lotion with a brush and apply #2 fixing agent on eyelash, cover with plastic wrap, wait 8-12 minutes.

6. Clean the lift-pad, then use #3 nutrition lotion to nourish eyelash.

7. Finally, clean the eyes with a #4 cleaning agent to remove any residue.

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Lash Lifting Kit
RM 65.00 RM 75.00