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Linen Soap Saver

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Brand: Favful
Tags: BodyBody & WellnessBody Care ToolsFavful
This medium-soft linen soap saver bag is suitable for daily exfoliation of the body.
  • 9cm x 13.3 cm
  • Made from natural flax, good for producing foam and lather up further releasing the aromas of the soap for your enjoyment
  • Soft and does not hurt the skin.
  • The bag has small holes and the bubbles are very rich and fine; and effectively remove dead skin
  • Hanging your bar soap after use, and the soap is able to dry quickly, which will make the soap last longer
  • Drawstring design makes it easy and convenient to closure and open. 

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Place your soap inside the bag and pull the drawstring closed, can be hung on the wall with its drawstring. Suspend the soap after use and the soap will dry quickly, so it can be used for a long time.

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Linen Soap Saver
RM 9.00 RM 10.00