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Rechargable Blackhead Remover

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Brand: Favful
Tags: FavfulProduct TypeSkincareSkincare toolsSkin ConcernSkin TypeExfoliator

This rechargeable blackhead remover removes stubborn blackheads, whiteheads and deeply cleanses any sebum buildup in your pores. It comes with 6 different suction head, has 5 different suction levels and is easily rechargeable with the USB cable provided.

  • With camera: Make All Blackhead and Whitehead Visible
  • No camera

    Coming soon!

    • Step 1: Wash your face and pat dry. 
    • Step 2: Turn on the device and start off with the lowest setting. 
    • Step 3: Move the device slowly and consistently across your face, focusing on your pores. Do not stay in place for too long as it would cause scarring. 
    • Step 4: Once you are done using the device, was your face and clean the device. 

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    Rechargable Blackhead Remover - No Camera
    RM 72.50