Skin1004 Zombie Beauty Mummy Pack (8 Packs)

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Brand: Skin1004
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Boost skin elasticity to prevent skin aging. Prevents the formation of fine lines from skin aging, drooping skin,and Visible pores from lack of elasticity.

  • Charcoal powder: Purifies the skin
  • Black truffle:Vitalize fatigued skin.
  • Albumin powder: Essential for pore care

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Step 01. Open 1 MUMMY PACK batch with care to prevent powder from spiling.

Step 02. Pour the activator and use the brush to mix with the powder.

Step 03. Apply on the facial area along with the skin texture. (*Avoid around eyes and lips)

Step 04. Dry 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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Skin1004 Zombie Beauty Mummy Pack (8 Packs)
RM 65.00 RM 84.00