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Skin1004 Zombie Beauty Witch Pack (8 Packs)

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Brand: Skin1004
Tags: Blackheads & whiteheadsSkin ConcernDry skinSkin1004Normal skinSkincareProduct TypeSkin TypeTreatment & SerumMasks

Skin1004 Zombie Beauty Witch Pack a spell for a good makeup day, protects sensitive skin from dryness. 71% green tea water, mud for deep cleansing for glowing skin and easy makeup application.

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Step 1-After opening the pouch, pour mud pack onto brush or hand.Step 2 - Spread evenly on the face along with skin texture except for around eyes and lips.Step 3 - Dry for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Recommended using once or twice a week.

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Skin1004 Zombie Beauty Witch Pack (8 Packs) - 8 pack
RM 75.00 RM 95.00