Manjakani Feminine Hygiene Wash

by Cosmoderm

The pitch

99% pure Manjakani with traditional herb extracts for intimate feminine hygiene freshness. Helps lighten & soothe the skin of the intimate area. Feminine and exotic fragrance. Pour a small amount of Feminine Hygiene Wash onto moistened palms. Gently wash the delicate area. Rinse well with water. Ingredients, Oak Gall, Aloe Vera, Labisia Pumila and Piper Betle.

Community Voice

Here's what our community members think about Manjakani Feminine Hygiene Wash!


For me, I kinda like this feminine washer cause have a minty feeling. But the thing that I'm not really like is after using this a few days I realise that I make my private area a bit smelly. Idk if mayb its not suit for me or not.

Rachel Tan

The scent for this product was quite strong, but overall has a feminine hygiene wash it worked and was not bad.

Camelia Chelsea

Not itchy like the ones I used to use. And I fee great


The feminine wash is super mild and perfect for my private part compared to the previous brand that i oftenly use...the cosmoderm’s feminine wash is a good one and im sure gonna buy one and replace my current one with this !


- very refreshing after a long day - reduces excessive discharge - balances pH value of vagina - cooling


-fresh and clean -gentle and not irratate -good to prevent bacteria especially during menstruation


Really love the smell of this product and so gentle.