Jojo E-stretch Mark Cream

by Garden of Eden

The pitch

The Jojo E Stretch Mark Cream is a rich body cream designed to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as relieve dry and itchy skin. Suitable for expectant mothers. JOJO E Stretch Mark Cream is a rich body cream that spreads smoothly and comfortably on the skin. It complements JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum in combating stretch marks, dry and itchy skin. Moreover, it protects and strengthens skin against stretch marks. Furthermore, promotes skin regeneration fades out old stretch marks and provides immediate relief from dry skin. The cream contains 100% natural activities. No Parabens, Artificial Colouring, Artificial Fragrance, Alcohol, Animal Ingredients making it non-greasy and prompting easy absorption. Best used after a shower, apply a generous amount of cream onto belly, buttocks, thighs and arm area and massage gently till absorbed. Use morning and night. Or, for best results, use together with JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum during 2nd and 3rd trimester (apply JOJO E Stretch Mark Serum first, followed by JOJO E Stretch Mark Cream). ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 1. Jojoba Oil, 2. Organic Shea Butter, 3. Organic Argan oil, 4. Organic Black Crowberry extract, 5. Evening Primrose Oil, 6. Coneflower Oil, 7. Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol),8. Sunflower Oil. The cream is not only suitable for expectant mothers but also recommended for those facing Stretch marks, dry, itchy and stretched skin problems.

Community Voice

Here's what our community members think about Jojo E-stretch Mark Cream!


I used them both for cellulite instead for few weeks. I can see less visible result but i think with a longer usage, the result would be better


I love this product


Good quality the cream won’t oily.

Cheng Mei Wong

I’m 6 months pregnant now. I have been using almost two weeks of Jojo E cream and serum. I like the smell and I applied every morning and evening after shower. It absorbs quickly and helps to relieve my dry and itchy skin. It’s good try on this product if you looking for reduce stretch mark during pregnancy


Both the cream and oil work nicely on me. I use it every other day for about a week and it is pretty effective. I recommend to those who have stretch mark and dry skin.


I use it on area where I have dry and itchy patches, helps me sleep better at night.

Joy Ney

I like how its not greasy and absorbs fast. Mixing it with the serum relieves my dry skin.


It's actually a pretty good cream, I would say I prefer this than Bio Oil.


Will definitely purchase the product in the future. It has an amazing scent and really keeps my skin hydrated. I'm not so sure that it help with my stretch marks, since I only used for 2 weeks.


The cream really helped me be more confident in my own skin. I truly felt happy with the results of the cream, as it help with my itchy and dry skin problem after my delivery. I wished I had known about this product during my pregnancy. It's never too late, I guess.

Morgan Lee

I felt that the cream really help with my dry and itchy skin during my pregnancy. It also helped control the redness of my stretch marks and the visibility of the mark after. Would definitely recommend and purchase it in the future.


I rubbed the cream around my stretch mark area. I felt that it helped with my dry skin and I love the scent.


I have been using this cream on areas where i have stretch marks issues and also on my hands. I really enjoy it so far, it's moisturizing but not too thick and the smell is light and buttery. I mix it with the serum sometimes and it makes the perfect combo!

Matthew How

The consistency is definitely on the thicker side but it absorbs super fast into the skin, leaving behind almost no residue. The scent of this is a lot like natural oils (argan and jojoba). This cream would also work great as an everyday body moisturizer beacuse it wont get sticky throughtout our humidity!


I felt the cream did help with my dry skin. I really like it as a lotion and it also controlled the visibility of my stretch mark. However, I feel it took a month to actually see the results. But I'm happy with both the cream and serum. Love the scent


This serum is very concentrated. It makes my skin more hydrated and less itchy. Also it helps to reduce my stretch marks however is not an instant result. I use it for almost 2 months now and slowly being a good progress


Love this.