Jojo E-stretch Mark Serum

by Garden of Eden

The pitch

The Jojo E Stretch Mark Serum, helps protect and strengthens skin against stretch marks. Promotes skin regeneration fades out old stretch marks and provides immediate relief from dry skin. The serum exhibits excellent moisturizing effect, which soothes dry & cracked skin almost instantly. Due to its richness in essential fatty acids nutrients it is good for skin repair and renewal, which makes the serum an excellent nourishment choice for both skin & hair. Functions as an emollient when applied topically acts as a protective layer to prevent moisture loss from skin.The ingredients of the serum is rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA) — an omega-6 fatty acid with significant regenerative effect and high in vitamin E — an antioxidant that helps promote skin repair and also protects skin cells from harmful free radicals. The most powerful form of natural vitamin E. A far more superior antioxidant than synthetic vitamin E. Rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPC’s). OPC’s are very powerful antioxidants which are 20 times more potent than vitamin C & 50 times stronger than vitamin E. Just a few drops of serum Jojo E Stretch Mark Serum twice daily after shower can enhance better skin absorption. The serum also nourishes and strengthens the hair roots, to overcome hair loss problems during or after pregnancy.

Community Voice

Here's what our community members think about Jojo E-stretch Mark Serum!


I have tried those 2 for few weeks now. I used them for cellulite instead. I see less visible result but a little. Maybe for a prolong usage the result will be better


Yup, I do agree this is just "magic", but not so much exfoliating. This product relies on the ingredients to create that "dead skin" effect rubbing off but I feel it is just actually a mix of the ingredients and not your dead skin. I don't feel like it lifted any dirt or material off my skin. It's visually entertaining but doesn't really exfoliate or do much for my skin. It didn't even effectively remove my blackheads or diminish acne scars. I Do not recommend. Looks cheap also because of the "magic" in the name. The scent and texture is okay though, nothing to complain there.


So I am really loving the JOJO E range from GOE esp the scent. Idk what it is in the ingredients that is making that scent. It's a lovely fresh scent, a little citrusy and clean. It smells like shampoo a little bit, also I can smell the oiliness of it? but it is a pleasant smell. I love this serum for everyday use on my skin. I sometimes mix it with the jojo e cream but i can also just use it alone for my elbows, knees, heels and even my hair. It really helps my dryness throughout the day. I apply this after I shower and whenever I feel like my skin is dry. My only complaint is the price and the amount of product. I have been told this is the actual size you get when you buy in stores and for that price (rm30+? not sure) it's quite tiny! For daily use, I can finish a bottle a week! It won't last long because 1 drop is not enough for different parts of your body. Anyway I really love it but I am 60/40 on whether I would repurchase.


Effect quite obvious

Joyce Sham

ointment smells great and absorbs really fast, I even noticed a horizontal line across my belly growing faint just over a week of application.

Cheng Mei Wong

I’m 6 months pregnant now. I have been using almost two weeks of Jojo E cream and serum. I like the smell and I applied every morning and evening after shower. It absorbs quickly and helps to relieve my dry and itchy skin. It’s good try on this product if you looking for reduce stretch mark during pregnancy


Both the cream and oil work nicely on me. I use it every other day for about a week and it is pretty effective. I recommend to those who have stretch mark and dry skin.


I have stretch mark on my legs. After using it for about 3 weeks, I saw some improvement, it lessen the appearance and my skin is sooooo smooth. I also used it on some area where I have dry and itchy patches, it helps too!

Joy Ney

I like how it feels on my skin and the scent is very calming. Definitely see improvement on my stretch mark, it feels 'softer' and smoother.


The serum is very useful!!! It isn't just for dry skin and stretch marks but can also be used for strengthen hair!! Totally worth trying it out.

Morgan Lee

The serum is very light weight and not oily. Really like how it smooths out the skin. Works well with the cream. However, the size is too small for the price.


I really love Garden Of Eden serums. Would definitely purchase this in the future. I've been using it during my pregnancy along with the cream. I could see some slow changes. I used it for my hair instead as I was experiencing hair fall during my pregnancy.


The size of the serum was so tiny. But I really like the serum and the fact that we can use it for hair. The serum goes well with the cream.


I really like that the product has many great ingredients and oils, but the consistency is not oily at all! i mix it with the cream to make it more potent and i really like the result! also i saw that you can apply it on your hair scalp to help with hairfall, so im gonna try that out!

Matthew How

This serum soaks into the skin extremely quickly and leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturized. Although its a "serum" it has an oil-like consistency and texture. I also applied this serum to my hair as an overnight mask and it looked super shiny and soft after washing it off. The scent smells like nature oils (jojoba) and it does linger after application. Overall this serum is great!


I personally love the scent of the serum. It adsorbs well and isn't too oily. It works well with the cream, you can see better results after shower, as the skin has better absorption. It takes a month to see the difference. But I'll be sure to purchase it in the future.


I love the scent of this cream and the texture is just right, not too thick or oily. It helps with my dry skin throughout the day although I got to be honest I am not sure it is doing anything for me with my marks and scars. I have scars from bug bites and I don't notice any difference or fading after a month of using this cream. For an everyday cream, it is good but I am sure there are other creams for dry skin that do just the same. Anyway, I still like the smell and texture and I like mixing it with the Jojo E serum. Not sure if I would purchase this though.


Best use with JoJo strectch mark cream